Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Towards Understanding Hadiths

“This is a collection of articles, which are still going on, originally written for our group of WhatsApp titled Ahlu al-Istiqama. It was designed with the object of providing response to the request made to me by one of our brothers who wanted to know the methodology of Ibadhis in dealing with the Prophetic traditions. Unhesitatingly, I yielded to his request and granted his demand.

It is a brief research, not exhaustive as it does not tackle every problem underlying the science of hadith, but hopefully, a methodological work with scholarly characteristics in that it shows the readers the basic problems concerning the issues of receiving and narrating hadiths, and it gives them the methods of how to deal with those problems in an educated way.” By: Juma Muhammad al-Mazrui

Please click on the image to download the pdf file of this article. And as the author mentioned in the preface, the article is still going on!

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