Monday, March 18, 2013

Al-Khawarij Reality or Legend!

'Al-Khawarij Reality or Legend!
A critical Analysis of the Definitions of the Word "Khawarij"'
"This booklet deals exclusively with the different definitions that have been put forward with the aim of showing who and what the Khawarij [Kharijites] are. It discusses them, crushes all weak points and finally demonstrates that not a single of the suggested definitions has been able to give a clear picture and draw a sharp distinction of who the Khawarij are. The reason behind that, as expressed in the passage of this work, is that all qualities which have been taken to show that a particular person or sect is the Khawarij, are equally applicable to all other factions and sects."
 By: Juma Muhammad Rashid Al-Mazrui

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  1. I am looking for the pamphlet 3 but to no avail... has it been published??

    1. Salam!
      Unfortunately, pamphlet three does not exist. They are only two pamphlets!