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The 25 Prophets: (2) Idris (AS) (Enoch)


He is Idris bin (son of) Yaarib bin Mahlaiyl bin Qiynan bin Anoush bin Shiyth bin Adam (AS), he is therefore the sixth generation from Adam (AS) He was born during Adam's time, spent one hundred and twenty years of his life with Adam (AS). After the death of Shiyth (AS), whom we have mentioned earlier, God had sent Idris (AS) as a Prophet to his own people.

Idris (AS) was heavily built, tall and very handsome, and had a thick beard. He was known to be kind and generous. He liked reading the holy books that is why he was called Idris. [Idris: Comes from the word Darasa in Arabic meaning read or study.]
 In addition he was the first person to write with a pen, and he was also the first person to use a needle for sewing. He was a man of truth and sincerity Prophet, and he enjoyed a high position among his people.

It is not known exactly where he was born, but some scholars say tnat he was born in Egypt. He was given the name of Hurmus or in Greek Armis meaning Mercury a name of one of the stars. On the other hand, some say that he was born in Babel in Iraq. God is the more Knowledgeable.
During his youth he learnt a lot from Shiyth (AS), and when he became a Prophet he taught his people the teachings of Adam and of Shiyth (AS). He passed to his people the message of God, and taught them the true religion of worshipping the only one God, and not to be polytheists. He kept himself in touch with his people, and was honoured among them; he kept to truth and piety in the highest station.

Idris (AS) was only mentioned in the Quraan twice, and in verse 56 of Surat Maryam. (Mary) (xix), God says:
Also mention in the Book the case of Idris. He was a man of truth (and sincerity), (and) a Prophet.

God had told him that for each good deed he did every day, He would pay him equivalent to the good deeds done by all the people in the whole world.

When he died, God raised him to the fourth firmament. It is explained that one day one of the Angels who was very dear to him came and told him that the Angel of death had been instructed to take his soul. (Prophets were normally informed beforehand of their time to return to their Lord). Idris (AS) then asked him to intervene and beg the Angel of death to defer this so that he can continue to do more good deeds. The Angel then carried him under the wing and raised him to the fourth firmament; there this Angel met with the Angel of death and said: "Idris had requested me to ask you to defer your mission." The Angel of death asked: "And where is Idris?" The Angel said: "Here he is under my wing." The Angel of death said: "That is very strange! God had instructed me to take Idris's soul on the fourth firmament and I was wondering how to do this when he is available on earth."
It was here therefore where his soul was taken, God says in verse 57 of Surat Maryam (xix):
And We raised him to a lofty station.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) met with Idris (AS) in the fourth firmament when he was raised to the seventh firmament to receive God's instruction.

There were seventy-two tongues spoken during Idris's (AS) time, and God taught him all these languages so as to be able to teach his people. He kept teachers in each town to help him in the teachings of God.

It is said that in his time, people used to pray facing the north of Mecca, which had been the direction faced by Adam (AS) and those who followed after him, until Suleiman (AS) came and changed it to facing to Al-Quds, in Palestine. Muhammad (SAW) then changed it back to towards Mecca, after being instructed to do so by God, while he was in the middle of his prayers.

It is known that in Al-Koufa in Iraq there is a mosque known as A-Sahlah, where Idris's house had been and where he used to do his sewing and say his prayers. This is what is made known to us, but God Almighty Knows best.

The Twenty five Prophets (The Parable of the Apostles Mentioned in the Holy Quraan)", by Nassir ibn Issa ibn Said Al-Kindy

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