Friday, June 29, 2012

Studies in Ibadhism (al-ibadiyah)

Studies in Ibadhism (al-ibadiyah) by Dr. Amr Khalifa Al-Nami.This book was a part of the author’s doctoral dissertation (Cambridge, 1971). It is an excellent introduction to al-Ibāḍiyya and its doctrine with much attention to the sources and to literature on the sect.
The study was later translated to Arabic [Dirāsāt ʿan il-Ibāḍiyya] by Mīkhā’īl Khūrī, Murājaʿa wa-Taqdīm, Muḥammad sāliḥ Nāṣir, and Muṣṭafà ṣāliḥ Bājū. Beirut: Dār al-Gharb al-Islāmī, 2001. 


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