Tuesday, January 1, 2019

I'm Back!

AsSalam Aleikom to you ALL!
AlHumdulillaah, I am back again, full of power, passion, and thirst to give; and I sadly apologize for my semi-disappearance!
It wasn’t a matter of time availability but a matter of mind, heart, and soul, which all prevented me from effective blogging.
I apologize to those who have sent me messages, by any means, which I haven't responded to and please remember I am not a scholar or a Mufti but I am trying my best to help!
My great thanks to all those people who have supported me, encouraged me, and, maybe also, pushed me to return again and not to surrender to the life of this world (Dunya), which is really distracting.


  1. Wa Alaykum as Salam yes beautiful sister -we understand indeed

  2. و عليكم السلام. انا جمال من لندن و تكلمنا مرة و انا لقد عدت أيضا. كيف حالك انت؟ ارى كل شيء يتغير هنا...افضل بلوج قديم شخصيا

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