Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Oman and Ibadhism: My New Old Book!

Today, I collected my new “old” book entitled as “Oman and Ibadhism” and authored by Ahmed Hamoud Al Maamiry.

It is old because it was published on January 1st 1989, 2nd revised edition; but I feel that it is also rare because I haven’t seen it or heard about it before!

I came to know about it while searching the web for Ibadhi materials some time ago.

Finally, I decided to buy it on Amazon. I got a used “tiny” book, which cost me a lot, but anyway it deserves.

Hopefully it will enrich the Blog and increase our knowledge about Ibadhism.


  1. Well done! Thank you! You are really getting us familiar with ibadhizm day by day!

  2. Sister please how do I download the book?