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Happiness is in Following the Truth

Introduction by Islamic Records
In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful. All praise is due to Allah, who honoured us with Islam, and made us followers of the most virtuous of all beings, our master Mohammed, Allah bless him and grant him peace. Whoever follows Mohammed they are saved, and whoever deviates from his path they are lost.

Allah Almighty says:
And whoever desires a religion other than Islam (submission to the One True God, Allah), it shall not be accepted from him, and in the hereafter he shall be one of the losers.’(3:85)

Today, the lost humanity is searching for a way to escape the wilderness, so that it can enjoy happiness, and have the peace of mind whereby one's safety, property and family are all respected and protected from violation. Where else can that be found, but in Islam? ‘The Islamic Records’ is glad to present you with this speech:

"Happiness is in Following the Truth made by His Eminence, Sheikh Ahmed bin Hamad Al-Khalili, the Grand Mufti of Sultanate of Oman - Allah save him - at the Sultan Qaboos University in Al Khoudh.

In the name of Allah the Compassionate, the Merciful
All praise is due to Allah, who sent the Book, and provided the scale (for judging the right and the wrong), clarified the argument, illuminated the evidence, and revealed the Truth. All praise is due to Him, who sent His Messenger with the guidance and the Religion of Truth, that ‘he may proclaim it over all religions, even though the Pagans may detest it’(9:33). I bear witness that there is none to worship but Allah alone; He has no partner. I bear witness that our Master Mohammed is His Servant and Messenger, whom Allah sent as a guide, as a bearer of glad tidings, as warner, as one inviting to Allah by His permission, and as a light-giving torch, may Allah's blessings and peace be upon him and upon his family, companions, and followers. Peace be upon you and may Allah bless you with His mercy and His benevolence.

I entreat Allah, Glorified is He, to help us gain His approval in what we are saying and doing, to guide us to the right path, to inspire us with the Truth and to aid us in following it. I beseech Allah, Glorified is He, to show us the wrong as wrong and help us to avoid it. Surely He has power over all things, and He is worthy of answering our prayers, He is the best of all Protectors and the best of all supporters.

Undoubtedly, you are all aware of the status and position of Truth, and the great significance accorded to it. It was because of the Truth that Allah Almighty has sent His messengers and His books. Indeed, it was because of the Truth that Allah, Exalted is He, has created the earth and the heavens. The earth and the heavens, as well as whatever exists therein, have no purpose but to follow the Truth. Allah says, ‘Had the Truth followed their whims, surely the heavens and the earth and whatever exists therein would have perished’ (23:71). The Truth is greater than anything great, and is more sublime than anything sublime. Indeed, Truth is one of the names of Almighty Allah. He described Himself as the Truth saying, ‘This is because Allah is the Truth’ (31:30). He also described whatever is worshipped other than Him as falsehood when He said, ‘whatever they call upon besides Him-- that is the falsehood’ (31:30). Anything or anyone worshipped save Allah Almighty is false, and the worshipping is falsehood. Whereas, anything commanded by Allah Almighty is the revealed Truth.

People differ in their understanding of the Truth. Everyone claims to have the knowledge of the Truth and to be right and whoever opposes him would be wrong. Wrong is an attribute that every human uses to describe all those who contradict his approach and ideology. Likewise, the Truth or the Right is the claim of every human. The atheist claims that he is right; the innovator claims that he is right; the oppressor claims that he is right. This is the nature of humanity. It is known that Allah, praise and glory be to Him, has not assigned the affairs of human beings to these deficient and limited minds to understand the Truth and to distinguish it from the false. Human understanding alone without the assistance of Allah, praise and glory be to Him, cannot be the fair scale that distinguishes between the Truth and the false, revelation and misguidance. People, as you know, are different in their dispositions and approaches and, their wishes and hopes. It is also known that reason is one of the means that enable human beings to know the Truth. Allah, therefore, has dignified the mind highly and commanded people to use it for the purpose of understanding Truth. He considered the mind as one of the means that distinguishes the Truth from the false. Allah, praise and glory be to Him, in His Book first proclaims the Truth, and then takes the human mind to explore the spaces of the universe so that it learns with certitude the Truth of what Allah presents.

It is known that the Truth is based on the belief in Allah as the Only God and avoiding worshipping others beside Him. This is what the Holy Qur’an commanded. In the Holy Qur’an, Allah said, praise and glory be to Him, ‘your god is one god, there is no god but He, the Beneficent and the Merciful.' (2:163)

Afterward, there came verses that underlay the significance of the mind, which humans use to understand the Truth without being swayed by passions. For, the Qur’an cites the signs that indicate the oneness of Allah, and this is evidence that the mind was addressed. The universe, as it is evident, and as even the atheist infidels acknowledged, is an integrated unit; every part of it is complementary to the other parts. Thus a sound mind cannot accept that this universe can have more than one creator. For, the Qur’an says, ‘Behold, in the creation of the heavens and the earth, in the alteration of the Day and the Night, in the sailing of ship through the ocean for the benefit of mankind; in the rain which Allah sends down from the skies, in the life He gives therewith to an earth that is dead; in the beasts of all kinds that He scatters through the earth; in the change of wind and clouds which they trail like their slaves between the sky and earth, (here) indeed are signs for people who are wise’ (2:164).

You see how Islam dignifies the mind, raises its status here as the Qur’an made these signs clear for the mindful. We, also, find that the Holy Qur’an, when confronting the infidels and their corrupt and deviant beliefs, challenges them with this argument addressed to the mind. Allah, praise and glory be to Him, commands: ‘Say: praise be to Allah, and Peace on His servants whom He has chosen (for His message). Who is better? - Allah or false gods they associate (with Him)?’ (27:59). These verses indicate that a human is required to employ reason to deduce the facts that reason discovers. But this reason or mind can be blurred by different human desires and passions. Thus they misdirect reason from the right path, to such a degree that for these people, reason becomes a means for misguidance instead of being a means for reformation. Such people will be overtaken by the grievous truth, when. Allah rejects all those who were endowed with reason, but used it improperly.

Moreover, there are many things whose secrets are hidden from people, and whose benefits and harms are concealed, thus preventing people from uncovering their benefits and harm or distinguishing good from bad. Because of this, a human being needs guidance from Allah, praise and glory to Him, which is the guidance of the Religion. Although it is evident that a human being has been given many talents and skills, Allah has privileged the human by offering him his riches, appointing him His vicegerent on this earth and endowing him with physical, mental and psychological capabilities that no other creature has been endowed with. This earth which Allah has designated as an abode for humans, who have been made vicegerent in it, is part of the universe, which is the Kingdom of Allah.

It is known that the proprietor of a Kingdom possesses the authority to command and prohibit. It is He who outlines for people the way they tread. Like people in authority who legislate for their followers, this great universe must have an order. This order must be compatible with the nature of this universe. Considering, once more, that the earth is part of the universe, then the authorship of the order on the earth should belong to Allah. Therefore, a human in the capacity of a vicegerent has to abide by Allah's order. He cannot restrict himself to establishing order on this earth by way of his senses and his mind alone, because reason or mind can be muddled by overwhelming desires and different and conflicting passions. There can be, for instance, a rage or unremitting desires that incapacitate the power of reason. Because of this, it is an imperative that human should refer to the dictates of Allah, Who established for humans the path of Truth that does not defer to whims and caprices. Rather this path of Truth has been ordained according to His Will and according to His judgment. Allah says, ‘If the Truth had been in accord with their desires, truly the heavens and the earth, and all beings therein would have been in confusion and corruption.’ (23:71)

If the Truth had followed peoples’ passion, the order of this universe would have been corrupted. For, this universe is based on a certain system, and Allah has made this system involve all parts of the universe from the smallest particle or atom to the enormous galaxy. All that exists in this universe is firmly organized. Even if the movement or the behaviour of different parts of the universe were involuntary, they are necessary.

In the same way, a human being also has involuntary and voluntary movements. He is also part of the universe. Even that which he chooses voluntarily is part of the universe. Thus this order (the one chosen by the human being) should be completely compatible with the order of the universe. When the behaviour of the human is in discordance with this order, a disturbance, first of all, will occur between him and his self (or conscience). It is then, that a human being will feel his essence, his instincts and nature, that Allah, praise be to Him, has endowed him with, go against his passion or will, because he has some desires or passions that do not accord with the order of the universe. Beside this, this human being feels an incongruity between him and this universe. That is why the compatibility between him and the universe will disappear.

Consequently, he will feel an animosity against this universe, heavy on his heart and senses. This is what lies behind those utterances of foul words by those who are deprived of faith. These people, while relating their interaction with nature, use expressions that indicate their incongruity with the order of the universe. Sometimes they feel they have conquered the universe or the nature. Hence they say ‘someone has conquered nature‘. They say, ‘they have invaded the space‘. As if there is an animosity between them and this space, thus they carry out invasions against it. They feel animosity between themselves and nature and thus they say they have ‘conquered nature’, when they accomplish something. This all originates from lack of faith. Hence, no doubt a human being is in need of an order that reflects his own interests, of which Allah has knowledge, and not an order that is dictated by his passions.

Since people have manifold and conflicting passions, it is inconceivable that everyone will have his own order according to his passion. Allah has created human beings with a certain nature characterized by sociality. The human being is social by instinct and civic by his nature. Thus he longs for his conspecifics. Every human being, no matter how powerful, influential, strong or wealthy cannot be independent in his interests from his conspecifics. This is evident in the life of all people. The rich and the poor, the strong and the weak, the owner and the owned, the ruler and the ruled, the man and the woman, and the big and the little, are all the same in this regard and not one of them can be independent from his conspecifics. Rather, we usually find that the more one gets influential, the stronger is one's need for others.

A ruler is the neediest for others. He needs all social classes, experts in various fields, ministers and advisors, soldiers, police, physicians, craftsmen, cooks, servants and all kinds of traders. This indicates that human life is a social life. With all these complexities, to give everyone what he desires, spells disaster for any interdependency. The conflicts of interests would lead, inevitably, to grouping, on the one hand, and antagonism, on the other. Such a situation would lead to sedition escalating into bloodshed, loss of lives, and carnage, all for the purpose of attaining what is desired by those impassioned persons. It follows then, that if the Truth followed their desires, the heavens and the earth would become corrupted.

Allah alone, glory be to Him, knows the interests of all people. He is the Knower of the subtleties, the Aware. He endowed human beings with their nature. He created this harmony and homogeneity between human nature and the nature of this universe. Thus He ordained the rules that preserve this harmony and this congruity, so that no disturbances or deviation will occur, and that everyone is given his right.

However, such bliss is not attainable, unless faith reigns amongst the people, through their feelings, their senses and through all their affairs and conducts. Unless all their acts are conducted within the framework of this faith, the nature of this universe (of which an important part, the earth, is entrusted to human being), will be at the mercy of the products of the people. This is mentioned in the Holy Book as Allah says, ’Do you not see that Allah has made what is in the heavens and what is in the earth subservient to you’ (31:20).

The foundation of faith is to have the human believing in his creator, Allah, Glory be to Him. This faith does not mean the superficial belief that many people use to claim to be believers. That superficial belief is not able to dominate the feeling and consciences. Nor, is it able to move the cords of psyche and its passions. The required faith is the deep faith that permeates all human pulses. It is that kind of faith that leads human safely in this temporal world and brings him happiness in the afterlife. This faith is what shows humans the right path. It is also the scale of Truth by which a human being can distinguish between the right and the wrong, between enlightenment and misguidance, between the beneficial and harmful and between the useful and the corrupt. People lacking in this faith, are liable to having their criteria profoundly distorted. A case in point is the difference in the condition of a person who turns from disbelief into belief, or vice versa - may Allah save us from it - i.e. the case of a person who turns from belief to disbelief.

A parable to the same effect is chronicled in the Holy Qur'an about the story of Pharaoh's sorcerers who came to the Pharaoh tempted by his wealth. They used their affiliation with him to tell him, when he wanted them to challenge Moses, peace be upon him, who came with dazzling divine signs (miracles), and then would we be rewarded if we win?’ The Pharaoh replied: ‘yes, and you will be among those who are close to me’. He said so, because he was aware that they were as much tempted by the status that would be conferred upon them, (as a result of their proximity to him) as they were tempted by any wealth. For such people only wealth and status matter and they are the goal of their life. But when Faith dwelt within their heart, their view of the life was transformed. They no longer considered life valuable unless the Truth and righteousness prevailed. Consequently, they told the Pharaoh that they would not prefer him over what had dawned upon them, nor prefer him above their one creator.

They told him also, that he might sentence them in whatever way he chose, but he would not put an end to that which is beyond this temporal life.

In this way, human life transforms when Allah blesses them with faith. Analogous to this is the case of the Prophet's companions before Islam. During their benighted era - Jahiliya, they were like fierce predators preying on each other; but when faith permeated their hearts, enlightened their vision and enlivened their feelings, they became ‘the most righteous of all nations’. They were able to ‘command goodness and forbid evil’, and were also ready to sacrifice anything dearest to them for the sake of Allah their Lord, and in order to extend His mercy to all humanity. They came out to the world as messengers of mercy and compassion, and were the exemplars of kindness. That is why even their adversaries said of them: ‘History has not known more magnanimous conquerors‘. No doubt, all those transformations were because of such faith that settled in their breasts. With the recession of faith, disaster ensues, and the scales (of justice and good conduct) undergo distortion, Allah forbid. People cannot concur on an arrangement unless that arrangement is built on stable faith and principles of the Truth and rights that have been sent by Allah, be He Glorified and Exalted.

We see in this era, much anguish has been experienced by humans, in spite of all that humans have been endowed with, in terms of intelligence, knowledge and other faculties. Indeed, the reason is lack of faith. In spite of, or because of all these endowments such as, what this materialistic civilization offers, humans come to suffer successions of disasters. You hear of devastating wars in all the corners of the world, and no part of the world is saved from it. If it was peace in one place, soon the war, raging in one part, sends its sparks to inflame other parts. All this is due to lack of faith.

You also know that great wealth is wasted on senseless arms race between the super powers in particular, which leads to the production of weapons that would annihilate the world. One must then ask, has the civilization yielded any good with this recession of faith? And what are the criteria on which this civilization is based? These criteria are all inverted. Consequently, what is a blessing becomes a misfortune, good becomes bad, corruption is righteousness and righteousness is corruption, the right is wrong and the wrong is right, reformation becomes misguidance and misguidance becomes reformation; all this is due to the recession of faith. Thus people are in dire need for such faith.

This faith is not given by merely claiming that one has faith, as we indicated in our previous seminars. We have concluded that faith consists of a belief and practice. Therefore, the faith should manifest itself in reforming the life of a person who claims it; otherwise this faith would not have any impact. Allah has informed us as to what attributes one that is faithful will have in many of the verses in His book, which you recite day and night.

It is also known that there is an instinctive competitiveness, and an innate love to pursue one's own interest, even if these interests were just illusion. This drive exists nevertheless, to achieve dominance and superiority in this earth, and to influence people through their ideas regardless of whether and how they are deviated. All of these have become causes for conflicts and fighting. During this era, we have been embroiled in such striving and many resulting conflicts. However, in despite of their conflicts, people were united on one specific point, fighting the Truth, confronting Truth, and taking people away from the path of Truth. On these policies (against the Truth) all parties of international conflicts have agreed.

In the conflict between Communism and Capitalism, there were third players, which were conspiring against Islam, and these were Zionist Crusaders. You know something about the history of communism, and how it was trying to misguide people, how it tried to polarize all people. It wanted to impose its theory concerning the universe, the governance, and economy upon all people. For this purpose it employed all the means that it could bring to bear. Consequently, humanity suffered from many miseries that Communism brought about. Despite this, there were many fools, even among us, eagerly following and willing to apply it. Communism is the hell - a red fire that scourges through everything. It annihilates people's wealth in all its form, whether material and productive, or profits and well-being, and it obliterates the cultivation and the livestock. Nonetheless, many people presented communism as though it was a mercy. I heard many people, with whom I was discussing it, saying that communist principles are principles of benevolence’. What kind of benevolence is this? After having won the civil war, Mao Tse-tung, for the sake of venting his anger and revenge, killed, according to some statistics, around nine million people. Whereas other sources say he killed up to twenty million. Stalin's massacres also did not occur in a far remote past. It was many lives that he destroyed for satisfying his vindictiveness, and to quell opposition even if this opposition was as simple as expressing one's opinion. In this manner, thousands were killed by Communists for the purpose of intimidating people, so no one would dare to oppose. Alas people were glorifying those idolized, these heartless oppressors otherwise known as communist leaders.

Communism was considered at that time as a great manifestation of progress, nay, it was considered as a measure of progress. Thus the communist countries and their satellites were termed as the progressive countries. Contrarily, all those that opposed communism were regarded as reactionary, and when this opposition was based on religion then the opposition were called the religious reactionary forces. They described the so-called ‘religious reactionaries' as the most backward of all.

But to what end did Communism come? Within no more than seven decades, rather, the first day it was born, its impurities and defects were exposed, which led to its spectacular debacle. Those who were building its structures turned afterwards to dismantle them, their own tools in their hands; in a sense, they were destroying their own homes. They began talking about rebuilding or restructuring. They even began dismissing those who were still clinging to Communism and ignoring its obvious faults, as reactionary. So there was a complete turnover: Communism has become a symbol of reactionism when it was once the symbol of progress.

When Gorbachev began his policy of perestroika (rebuilding), the common reaction was to crack jokes. It was said that Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev, Brezhnev and Podgorny gathered in hell to converse about what is supposed to be rebuilt. They inquired if anyone has built anything. All said ‘no, we were all destroyers’. So they wondered what it meant then, if Gorbachev wanted to rebuild, what could he rebuild if there had not been any building? Gorbachev announced afterwards that communism had died. He did not assume that the alternative is the opposite system of capitalism. A few years ago, there was an interview with Gorbachev on a British Television programme. He was asked whether or not he believed communism in Vietnam and China could survive. He answered in the negative, and that in his opinion, Communism was destined to die. He was then asked what the alternative could be. He replied that, he did not think that the answer lay in capitalism, democracy or socialism, rather in another system for which we have yet to adapt ourselves.

That day, after hearing that, I said, the new civilization, though it was not declared, is the civilization of Islam. There is no other solution that can rescue this humanity but the Islamic solution.

However, if Gorbachev made only general hints to that end, it was down to Castro, the extreme and radical communist, to announce that the only remaining way is the route of Qur'an. But have the effects of this communism, though it has since died, and its corpse rotted to a degree that no one can bear its stink, ended? No. Indeed, that rotten corpse has bred worms that fed on its poisons. These worms roamed the earth, particularly in our Islamic society, to throw up these poisons, dressed up as modernity, which denies religious values. They try to destroy Islam by various means.

These products are polished up to glare as if they were stars, which are in reality just piles of benightedness. The conspiracies of these successors of the rotten communism on Islam are no less serious than their predecessors, though their kind is no more venomous than the worms that fed on the rotten corpse of communism. They say words, whose meanings are not usually obvious to many people, though their aims are to destroy the doctrine of Islam, to undermine the fabric of Islam and to deny the religion in the name of this modernity. They employ glaring terms, which are on the surface benevolent, but which are torment within. They decorate these terms to fob them off on people in the name of good. But what good can come out of the denial of Allah, Glorified and Exalted is He, or out of the denial of the Day of Judgment.

Even if effort is made to conceal them, these beliefs would reveal themselves when their authors are filled up and no longer able to contain their hatred against this benevolent religion and its followers. You know a few years ago, someone here published an article in which there was an explicit denial of the Day of Judgment. The article was based on analyzing an atheistic poem by a muddle-headed atheist. But the analyst went beyond what had been written in the poem, and regarded what had been said in the benevolent religion as a wilderness or maze. That episode was followed by another, where the speaker considered the poem to be the God. He also attributed to the poem the power of revival and death. Thus Communism is not more harmful than these people, even though, it used force and terror, in spreading its beliefs and principles. However, tricks are nonetheless used, and who knows what would be the consequence if these people gained power, Allah forbid.

We are certain that these ideas are destined to end, Allah willing; since it is certain that Allah would let Truth prevail in the context of arguments. This is Allah's preordination for nature: struggle between Truth and false is inevitable. This struggle exists since time immemorial. Ever since Satan rebelled against Allah's order and declared war against Adam and his progenies, whom Allah chose to become his vicegerent on earth, the struggle between the Truth and Falsehood is still raging. But Allah would let the Truth prevail and the false lose. This is a fact, and history reveals a pattern of events that confirm this fact.

Moreover, there are many verses that confirm this fact:
It is He Who has sent His Messenger with Guidance and the Religion of Truth, that he may proclaim it over all religion, even though the Pagans may detest (it)’. That is to say Allah must reveal this religion over all other religions, in spite of all the conspiracies of disbelievers, and it will by all means prevail. The religion of Islam is the metaphorical rope that the world is waiting for (to be rescued by).

Around two, or more, years ago, some texts were read out from seminars by an American who was converted to Islam. He had been promoted through many positions until he became, President Nixon's Chief Advisor. The seminar was entitled ‘The Islamic leadership in the twenty-first century’. During these seminars he conveyed a sense of some optimism, even in regard to the role of the Jewish. Among them was Berzezinski, who was a national security adviser to President Carter. He wrote in an American newspaper, words to the effect that a collapse is awaiting America, and that the USA has lost its morality, and the one who loses morality cannot legislate moral laws for the rest of the world. In the context of presenting this paper of Berzezinski, Natan Garos pointed out that Islam is that which is anticipated to take up the leadership of this anxious humanity. Still these people, in spite of their awareness of this fact, bear grudges and hatred against Islam. They still want to delay the expected era of Islam. Thus they encourage infiltration into Islam for the purpose of evoking evil drives among people, and to disseminate those corrupt and venomous doctrines, which destroy everything, if it was not for the divine intervention. However, whatever they do, we are confident that the will of Allah will prevail and that His religion will be proclaimed ‘over all religions‘. That the happy ending will be piety, that reformation and enlightenment are awaiting humanity within the context of this benevolent religion, the religion of Allah, be He Glorified and Exalted, which is the Truth and has offered the ultimate solution.

If we return back to doctrines, we will realize that every doctrine, not compatible with this religion, is a corrupt doctrine and cannot be accepted by a sane mind. While those who profess to accept doctrines incompatible with Islam, over-stretch their mind and contradict their own inner voice which emanates from the deepest recess of their psyche. This is made clear through conversation with them. Once I was conversing with a few Christian theologians, they could not come up with an answer to question about their claim that Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, is the servant, the human, the son and the God, Allah is above that. I asked them was Mary, peace be upon her, when she was bearing Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, bearing the God, or the foetus was just a human who transformed thereafter to God? Their response was that he was eternally a God, though he was transformed into human and yet contemporaneously reserved His divine nature. I then asked them, ‘Who was running the affairs of the world, while he was a foetus in his mother's uterus? So who was running the universe’? Here, the theologian admitted that the answers to these questions are difficult. He proceeded to say that reason cannot arrive at knowledge of the fact with certainty, and we have to depend on faith without involving our reasons in that.

I replied, ‘Islam has taught us to the contrary; Islam has dignified reason and guided it to see Allah's signs. Allah has given us evidence that involves reason, which points out that Allah, Glorified and Exalted is He, is unparalleled and without associate, ‘He begetteth not, nor is He begotten; And there is none like Him’ (112:3-4). Glory be to Him, He has no partner in His properties, nor has He an equivalent in His self, attributes or deeds. So these people are living in anxiety; and who can save them from their distress but the faith which is represented in the True Islamic doctrine.

All Muslims are required to carry this doctrine to people all over the world. This world must be rescued from its spiritual wilderness, and be led through the path of righteousness. As for those atheists who can only think in empirical evidences, they cannot penetrate the transcendental truth.

They think the universe is only their perceptible world. They do not believe what is beyond the senses. Those people have reached the extremes of their anxieties. How is it that they can believe in a cause of an effect when they perceive that effect, and cannot believe in the creator of the whole of this universe? It is true that they believe in electricity without being able to see electricity. They believe in atoms, though they cannot see atoms. Yet they affect blindness in order not to see the signs of the creator though the whole universe is just an evidence for his creation.

Every atom of the atoms of this world is a statement that He alone is the almighty and fixer of this existence and that He possesses all the attributes of perfection.

They believe in electricity because they see the effect of electricity. They believe in atoms because of their knowledge of the effect of atoms. However, they do not believe in the creator and inventor of this universe, who, ‘the seven heavens and the earth, and all beings therein, declare His glory; and there is not a single thing but glorifies Him with His praise, but you do not understand their glorification; surely He is Forbearing, Forgiving' (17:44).

Since human cannot avoid evil unless he is aware of himself. Avoiding evil can be done by knowledge. Thus the poet said: ‘I knew not to do evil, but to circumvent it. He who does not know evil falls into it.’ Indeed, it is the Islamic youths who are targeted. They are required to study the convoluted methods of devious people, so that they may be immune to their beguiling talks. Many young Muslims that were righteous and pious have deviated because of ignorance, and lack of persistence in holding to the firm cord of faith.

We all have to hold to the firm cord of faith, and we have to study this evil so that we are more circumspect, may Allah help us. I plead to Him to take us through the right path and to take us in our hand to what he likes and approves, to show us the Truth as the Truth and enable us to follow it, and to show us the false as false and enable us to avoid it. He has power over everything, and He is worthy of answering our prayers, He is the best of protectors and the best of helpers. May Allah bless our Prophet Mohammed and grant him peace, along with his relations, companions and followers. Glory be to your Lord, the Lord of Honor, above what they describe; and peace be on the messengers; and all praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. Allah's peace, mercy and blessings be upon you all.

For a better Understanding of Islamic Monotheism
Happiness is in Following the Truth
By The Grand Mufti of the Sultanate of Oman
His Eminence: Sheikh Ahmad bin Hamad Al-Khalily

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