Thursday, December 26, 2013

Surat Yusuf (Joseph) [12:23-29] by Hamza Al Kindi

As Prophet Joseph (PBUH) grew, Allah gave him wisdom and good judgement, and Chief Minister Al Aziz recognised these qualities in his loyal servant and therefore put him in charge of all household affairs. All who knew him, including the wife of Al Aziz, some commentators give the Chief Minister’s wife the name of Zulaikhah, acknowledged Joseph's beauty, honesty, and nobility. She watched Joseph grow into a handsome man and became more attracted to him as each day passed. 
And then, Joseph (PBUH), "The embodiment of half of all beauty", as he was described and called by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), was put on trial. 
What was that trial? 
Listen to Hamza and you will know!

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