Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Al-Khawarij Reality or Legend! (2)

Al-Khawarij Reality or Legend!
The Battle of Siffin, Its Factors and After-Effects
"Among the histories that have been misconceived, thanks totally to the fabrication, interpolation and false propaganda, is the history of the so-called Khawarij in general and the history of the Battle of Siffin in particular. Many, as a result, have been as typical, in a blind following, as the Eastern left-wing radicals or the Western right-wing conservatives trained and programmed to believe in one particular idea rather than being real researchers and seekers for the truth. This pathetic situation in Islam does verily call for the urgent necessity for the Muslim intellectuals who are determined to bring about reforms or changes in the Islamic thought to strive as strongly as possible in order to disillusion the mis-informed Muslim mass by exposing the truth and revealing the reality. This pamphlet - part two of the nine - studies the history of the Battle of Siffin and its resultant effects, showing what is true and what is false. It spells out how and why the so-called Khawarij detached themselves from ‘Ali’s political movement and launched their own. Hopefully, by acquiring such knowledge, our insight into this history will be enriched and so be able to make out what is right and what is wrong."
By Juma Muhammad Rashid Al-Mazrui

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