Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Knowing Your Religion (3)

Here is the episode of "Knowing Your Religion programme" broadcasted on Friday 06/07/2012.
Shaikh Kahlan Al Kharusi answered the following questions:
1.   Will believers live to witness the calamities of the Hour or the Day of Judgment?
2.   Is the torture in the grave a fact? Does it really exist?
3.   What is the destiny of the nations that did not receive the message of Islam?
4.   Is adoption allowed in Islam and if not why is that?
5.   Some Muslims use verses from the glorious Qur'an as ringtones for their phones. Is this allowed in Islam?
6.   Some Muslim men wear rings made out of a stone called aqeeq and they refer this to be a prophetic tradition and this particular stone protects them from evil eye or hasad. Is this a fact?
7.   Is sending Friday text messages a heresy?
8.   What are the major differences between Tafsir Al Qur'an and Tadabbur Al Qur'an?
9.   Some Muslim men or women perform masturbation as a mean to release their desires. Is this permissible in Islam? And what are the risks of doing such acts?
10.                Some Muslims enjoy reading horoscopes and tend to believe what is written. What does Islam say about horoscopes?
11.                Some Muslims build pavements around graves and they write the names of the deceased on the grave. Is this permissible in Islam?
12.                Is a Muslim allowed in Islam to issue for the life insurance coverage for the maids working in his home?
13.                A ladies husband is a heavy alcohol drinker. Her question was: Am I allowed to pray at home with all these bottles around us?    

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