Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Basic Tenets of Islam

The following is a translation of a speech given by His Eminence sheikh Ahmed bin Hamed Al-Khalily, the Grand Mufti of Oman, and intended for those who wish to embrace Islam. The speech was meant to explain briefly the basic tenets of Muslim faith, which every Muslim is required to know in more detail and have firm belief in, and to fulfill the practical implications and requirements thereof in accordance with the teachings of Islam. 


  1. a Rabbi is defending Islam and says worshiping moon, rock in Islam is False!
    please watch & share a SHORT what is faith- a very enlightening video:

  2. Are you guys seriously defending a man who, not only revolted and broke up from Ali ibn abi talib's group (aka TREASON), but also then waged war against him??? Do you guys not have a brain???

    "Oh, Ali (ra) wanted peace with the enemy even though (supposedly) were trying to just trick him. Let us react by forming our own group and fighting Ali so that he now has to fight Muawiya and us"

    LOOL such logic.